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Judi Light

Personal History

Judi is British born, Canadian raised and, after living abroad and in many cities across the USA, she now resides in Venice, Florida.

Judi has been a caricature artist since eight years old, creating black and white whimsy pieces which were published as cards, coloring books and prints.  Her originals, both “wee folk” and florals, are in private collections across Canada and the USA. As well as her current water colors she has also created in mixed media and 3D art using various types of clays and acrylics.

In her move to Venice, she was introduced to Marietta Lee, the creator of the incredible Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy in Sarasota, FL who added many of Judi's paintings to the museum's permanent collection.

As an author, her books delight and touch both very young children and and adults alike, with humor and insight that spans all ages.  Three volumes of the Twigshire series have already been published to rave reviews and several more are already in the works.

Judi is truly an artist who uses her creativity, realism, passion and artistry to make whimsical, touching, humorous paintings that uplift and lighten the soul.

She says that:..." the purpose of my art is to ramp up the ‘Happiness Factor’, possibly encourage some insight, perhaps impart a life lesson... and ALWAYS to leave you smiling.

You may write to Judi at: judi@LightTouchArt.com and purchase prints of her Twigshire characters at her website: http://LightTouchArt.com  Or visit her at “The Cottage in Nokomis”, the year round co-op gallery just off US 41 on Pocono East.

The 2017/18 “season” will be exciting for Judi.

In mid November, the Sarasota Museum of Art and Whimsy will open for its eighth season. Many of Judi's original paintings will be featured for the entire season (Nov 2017 -May 2018) and the museum will additionally be hosting 5 book signings, dates to be announced. Come see Judi's show, here's a link for the the museum:www.whimsymuseum.org

If you’ve never been to the Museum, unlike any art gallery or museum you’ve ever seen, it’s worth a special trip.  It’s open Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week from 1:00-4:00pm.  It’s located at 22nd and US 41 in Sarasota.  Lots of free parking!

Judi also teaches "Beginning Watercolor Painting" at the Cottage. (click here for the link)

Watercolor Paintings, Books, and Cards

Artist's Statement:
I am an author and artist, using pen and ink, watercolor and mixed media in my paintings. 

I create whimsical characters, impressionistic florals and have authored 3 books so far, featuring the characters I have painted.

All of my character paintings are first lightly sketched out in pencil and then, using a very fine .25 sized  Rapidograph pen, I flesh out the drawing  using tiny dots.  This technique is known as "stipple" when done in ink, or "pointillism" if done with paint.
The inking process can take anywhere from 8 hours to 50 or more.   This is  where I build the detail and a lot of the depth into the characters.   Once the inking is completed, I then use many layers of watercolor washes to create a luminous, sometimes almost glowing, color.  A full sheet (22X30)  can take me 90 to 100 hours to complete.

The Cottage Art Gallery