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​Nokomis, Florida

Artist statement:
Nature printing – Monotype – Solar Etching – Gyotaku

Heide started with edging metal plates to create miniature landscapes as intaglio.

Before she attended the University of Hamburg, Germany, she worked for a printing company to dissect each original piece of wall art into the five basic colors by using the photo lab. Five lithograph plates were created and printed on top of each other looking for the optimal art calendar page – no computers at that time!

Later as an art teacher she took many summer credits to teach art in 9th and 10th grade.

Becoming a member of the Nature Printing Society she started with true Nature prints: inking the leaf and pressing it on paper or other material. Prints made from natural objects using hands and fingers or the press.

Soon she discovered the creativity in using the monotype technique: inking the background on an acrylic plate and laying inked objects on the plate, pulling the plate through the press to create one of a kind of print.

To develop an edged intaglio plate from nature objects she uses the sun to develop a light sensitive plate where the covered areas stay soft and the surrounding harden quickly. The soft parts get washed out with a soft brush and the objects leave edges in the metal plate which can be printed several times.

Living in Florida, water creatures are now on her art pallet: fish, octopus and turtles.  This Japanese art of printing is called Gyotaku.

All her art is created in her Nokomis Florida studio. Her large originals pieces beautify many homes. Smaller prints, cards, and journals exemplify elegant and unique artwork.

Collage from Nature Prints

Composition of Sand and Shells

Nature Printed Wall Hangings, Cards, and Journals 

Solar Print from Two Plates

Octopus Gyotaku

Nature Print Monotype

Personal History

Before I moved to the United States, I was teaching art in high school.  It was only natural that I returned to what I always liked most: etching and printing. I became member of the Nature Printing Society and attended their workshops besides classes I took from well know nature printers in Sarasota. By now I have developed my own style, combining monotype with nature printing. Recently I added etching of solar plates for printing intaglios. Living in Florida means that sea creatures have to be on my pallet: The art of Japanese fish printing – Gyotaku – from fish, octopus and turtles.

Nature Print

The Cottage Art Gallery

Heide M. Wittmann