The Cottage Art Gallery

Available Classes
Flame-worked Glass (lamp-working).

For beginners and intermediates. You will learn how to melt glass and make beads and small sculptures. Skills include shaping hot glass with a torch, making patterns on the glass, encasing, stringer control, heat control, hollow bead, and off mandrel work depending on skill level.

Beginning Metalwork

This beginner basics class is geared to people wanting to make small objects such as jewelry and sculptures. Skills learned include use of hammers, jewelers saws, circle cutters, dapping tools and torches. We will do wire work, small scale forging, texturing, fusing, and soldering. 

Flame-worked Glass, Metal-smithing and Precious Metal Clay Classes

Precious Metal Clay

A beginner basic class using this remarkable material. It consists of very small particles of metal such as silver, gold, bronze or copper mixed with an organic binder and water. It is first shaped in the wet clay form and then fired to become pure metal. Skills include learning how to shape, texture, construct, patina, and fire this wonderful material using very simple tools. 

Studio Rental

Once you’ve taken a class you can rent studio space for a small fee.

I custom schedule these classes so contact me and we'll set a date! ( See top of page.)

Marley Beers will be teaching classes for beginners and intermediates in a number of disciplines. These classes are custom scheduled based on our mutual availablity. The cost including tools is $20 per hour or $100 for eight hours. Contact Marley by email at or call her at 919-323-9799 to schedule a class.